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I had always been a bartender and as my kids entered school, I bartended by night to fund my outrageous all-consuming hobby, quilting!

My favourite part of quilting ended up being machine quilting, and eventually, I began to quilt for other people on my domestic machine.  Always dreaming of a longarm. 

One day after a pretty long shift at the bar my husband told me his dirty penny slot habit had netted us enough money to perhaps look for a used longarm.  I was able to procure an older well-loved machine and knowing I had to build a business to justify the purchase… I froze.

Little by little, I started to use the machine and began to transfer my domestic skills over to the longarm.  This wasn’t as easy as I had hoped.  Longarming was a whole new beast.  I will tell you I cowboyed the heck out of that machine, I learned it inside and out… yes inside I took it apart, big mistake don’t do that.  Anyhow it’s been 8 years and I have been professionally longarming for 7 of those years and doing a great job for 6 of those years.

I had quilts I quilted at QuiltCon 2022, AQS Daytona Beach 2024(3rd), AQS Paducah 2024(1st quilter's choice), and Quilt Canada 2024 (tbd).  I'm pretty new to the show world but am looking forward to the future and some awesome projects.

I have aspirations to become a quilt judge but unfortunately have been turned down by both Canada and the USA because there is a lack of mentors.  If anyone has an 'in' let me know eh!

I launched my YouTube Channel in 2023 and have been really loving sharing on that platform (I'm sticking around for sure!). 

Learning everything the hard way was ridiculous and I really hope you take some time and check out my courses.  I want to share with you what I’ve learned and help you learn a whole lot faster.

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I've spent just as many hours picking stitches out of a quilt as I have putting them in.  Learning to see beyond the blocks has had me in frustrated tears and fits of unrestrained swearing rages.  The only way to overcome the dark days of quilting is to keep going and not give up.  I  quilted every day for almost 2 years before I declared myself a proper longarm quilter. 

Check out my FREE Quilter's Block Checklist if you find yourself a little stuck this tool can help. 

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If you aren’t ready to commit to learning a new design process right now then why not download this FREE Quilter’s Block Checklist?  You can use this tool to help you get out of your own head and see if you missed some inspiration that is right in front of you.  I also send out updates on the courses and some pro tips I only share via email. 


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