That's a Wrap 2022

2022 Jan 04, 2023

Well, 2022 saw my studio undergo a ton of changes and redirections.  It has been a really interesting ride.  But I'll start with some Stats:

  • Quiltworx Custom Quilt Finishes, 6
  • Quilts for Hospital Pediactics Donation, 5
  • Quilts of Valor Donation, 2
  • Quilts For Survivors, 3 
  • Legit Kits Custom, 1 (my first!) 
  • Graduation Quilt from Kids clothing, 1
  • Custom T-Shirt Quilt, 1 
  • Quilts for me, 2 (one still needs binding)

Not too bad. I don't normally make t-shirt quilts or memory quilts but I did these for some special people this year. 

I had a French exchange student stay with us for six months this year.  It was a fun experience and it really allowed me to spend some quality time with my teenagers as we showed her our little corner of the world.  That being said I had to spend quite a lot of time out of the studio while she was visiting so I only completed 107 quilts this year.

Things I learned this year:

  • Pro-Stitcher (classic)
  • How to use pins when piecing (I know, I know, but I just hate using them)
  • Tiktok
  • How to take videos of myself quilting (this is ever-evolving) 
  • A whole crap-ton of technical stuff relating to website design, video editing, and graphic design
  • I took a marketing course
  • A whole bunch of stuff from one of my favourite podcasts Science Vs. 
  • I learned to put my photos into the cloud so I don't lose 6 months of work... I don't want to talk about it other than I have everything backed up now.
  • I started to piece again and attend my guild weekly. 

I am so excited about getting back into quilt making again, sometimes when we do our hobbies as a  business we forget to slow down and just enjoy it.  Although I have only completed 2 of my own quilts so far I got a couple more tops pieced.  

Things I did this year:

  • Attended Quilt Canada in Vancouver
  • Had dinner with the Handi Quilter crew (did not get the educator job, but I tried)
  • Attended WSQ Quilt Show in Spokane 
  • Judged my first couple of local shows
  • Applied and received a grant to take my Judging course! (postponed, dagnabit)
  • Launched a new website, blog, and course! 

So all-in-all that was a pretty good quilt year and I am very proud of everything that was accomplished. 

2023 plans are taking shape pretty quickly and involve more quilts, more courses, more shows, and who knows what else! Happy New Year and I hope everyone the best. 


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