How to Quilt a Paisly Splash Elephant Baby Quilt

2023 baby quilt custom quilting elephant quilt modern quilting Aug 30, 2023

This quilt is absolutely adorable, I was so happy to open the package Monette sent from Kamloops, BC, and see this cute little quilt staring back at me. This pattern is called Paisley Splash.  I had a lot of fun designing this quilt.  Monette always does a fantastic job constructing some of my favourite quilts.

You can watch the full video on YouTube

I really like combining geometric designs with free-motion quilting, the contrast really adds a lot of dimension and interest.  Having the geometric design on the quilt allows the eye to rest and balances out the vibrant fabrics.  Well, enough of the fluff here were my sketches. 

I really wanted to treat the border a little differently as the appliques broke the borders so I combined a modern bubble feather with some simple piano keys to add to the complexity of this seemingly simple baby quilt.

With a pretty solid plan in place I jumped right in and here are some finished photos.  Please go watch the video on YouTube and let me know if you like the combination of geometric and free-motion quilting. 

Thanks for reading, I truly appreciate you being here, and I look forward to continue sharing with you. 

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