Custom Quilted Circle of Life Quilt

2023 circle of life quilt custom quilt tree of life varigated thread Jan 12, 2023

The first quilt I finished in 2023 was a doozie.  This quilt pattern is called Circle of Life by Jacqueline de Jonge.  Kathy Salvador pieced this quilt and brought it to me to custom quilt.  She had some amazing ideas and the best one was a tree of life.  But I'll tell you the truth I had no idea how to translate that onto a quilt.  It took me DAYS to come up with a plan.  Kathy loves colour and we spent a bunch of time picking out thread colours but ultimately I switched the script and did what I never do.... ordered some variegated thread! 

Varigated thread and I have a tremulous relationship.  I dislike it when parts of variegated thread disappear and reappear, to me, it looks messy and scribbly.  I understand this isn't a popular opinion, but oh well.  On this quilt, I decided I could find a place for it though as the background was dark and all the colours were of the same tone of saturation. The thread I used is Glide Affinity in Rainbow.  I also took a lot of time coming up with a design that didn't cross over itself or backtrack so the thread didn't get built up and the colours get muddled. 

I always put in a ton of planning and design when I quilt this type of quilt. here are some more photos.

I did put together a YouTube video on quilting this quilt, head over to my channel.  Please Like and subscribe.  

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