Quilting Frames and Fillers - Block 1

2024 frames and fillers Jun 05, 2024
Quilting Frames and Fillers - Block 1

Whoop! Whoop! It's June and I am going to start a new YouTube quilting series.

The real motivation behind this series is my desire to stretch my free-motion muscles and have a little reset.  It's easy for us to get comfortable and fall into a design rut.  I spend the majority of my quilting time on client quilts (full-time, unless I'm making YouTube videos).  And I felt like I needed to have a little breather and quilt something not so serious. 

So I present my Frames and Fillers Quilting Series where I will let a spinny wheel decide my free-motion fate!  I've loaded this spinning wheel up with 32 designs, some I know well, and others I don't.  You can watch the first video here:

Frames and Fillers Block 1

And if you want to make your own quilt like mine and quilt out some of these frame and filler ideas you can find a download here:

Frames and Fillers Quilt Top Instructions

 This is the sketch for the first block of this series

 And stitched out.

SPOLIER WARNING, this is what the block looks like after the spinny wheel decided 

I was thrilled about the rainbow design for this quilt block, also it is one of the ones that I haven't stitched out in such a long time.  I forgot how nice it can look and the great texture it brings to a quilt top.  The spiral feather design is one I don't even remember if I've ever stitched.  Looking at it critically I think I will not be using it.  I find it a little busy and not easy to predict where it will land.  Maybe if I had a bigger space it would work well.  It might also look good on a busy fabric.   

I hope you enjoyed the first week of my summer series, Happy June and Happy PRIDE too!


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