Quilting Frames and Fillers - Block 2

2024 frames and fillers Jun 12, 2024
Quilting Frames and Fillers - Block 2

This is week two of the Frames and Filler Quilting Series!

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Rainbow Quilt Top Instructions 

In case anyone wants to know the curved ruler I used was from the Quilted Pineapple (15).  

I'm starting the frames out pretty simple as you can tell, but I have to say that this is a goto shape for a lot of quilters, it looks so much more impressive than it really is. 

This frame is excellent for use on any on-pint block, especially if the block has been fussy cut.  This is a great way to frame fabrics not just break up the block.  This shape also works well on 9 patches or other blocks that are simply pieced and need a little extra 😉.


The spinny wheel was interesting today choosing two feather style fillers.

I really enjoyed stitching the pebble feather design.  I think this design would really benefit from some extra pebbles or even an echo around the feather bits to help define this design.  It was really fast to stitch and I will defiantly be using it more.

If you noticed some hesitation in the video when I was quilting the center you are not seeing things 😆.  I have never really enjoyed stitching this design, and it was a bit of a tight fit!  Susan Smith (Stiched by Susan) is brilliant at using (and teaching) this particular design.  I'm not really a fan of it, I personally much prefer a more structured feather, but there is a place for every design!  

Thanks for watching and reading! 

Check out Susan's stuff she is a brilliant quilter and teacher.  We will be joining forces (along with super star Bethanne Nemesh) on a quilting cruise in January 2025.  This will be a truly unique and awesome experience.  Check out the details below!

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