Quilting Frames and Fillers - Block 3

2024 frames and fillers Jun 19, 2024
Quilting Frames and Fillers - Block 3

Last weekend I was so proud to watch my eldest daughter cross the high school graduation stage.  It was very much a full-circle moment thinking about her first days of school and all of the moving and disruptions she has been through, she is a trooper and a keener. 🥰

Keep a look out for me at Quilt Canada in Edmonton this weekend!!!!

Onwards to the real reason we are here, block number 3! 

YouTube Video Link

Rainbow Quilt Top Instructions 

This week's frame is also a classic-looking frame.  

What is important about stitching this frame is to put the center square in first, this way you can make the frames look like they are overlapping each other.  This overlapping is an important key to a lot of the frames in this series so if this is something you want to try make note of how it's stitched in the video. 

This frame is also a good one for photo quilts or if there was anything fussy cut in the block.  This can also be a really good one for panel quilt blocks too. 




I think the spinny wheel might have my number, it's getting rid of two of my most comfortable filler designs in one fell swoop.  Now my McTavish isn't really the 'real' McTavish and I am aware of that, but this is the way I like to stitch it.... hmmm, considering this is a practice piece maybe I should have done it the way Karen McTavish intended? Oh well, I'll take a mental note and give'r a go next time.

Pebbles!  My all-time favourite quilting design by a long shot.  I've been stitching them for years and am still not tired, I'm sure the time will come but that day is not today!

If you would like to see the original McTavish design check out this video link:

Karen McTavish on McTavish

Catch you at Quilt Canada! 




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