Quilting Frames and Fillers - Block 4

2024 frames and fillers Jun 26, 2024
Quilting Frames and Fillers - Block 4

I had the absolute best time at Quilt Canada!  I was able to do and see pretty much everything I meant to do and see!  One of my favourite moments was delivering the blocks from my guild (Sunshine Quilters) to the Quilts for Survivors.  This organization is one that really touches my soul and I am so proud to do my part. 

This week is Block 4 of the Frames and Fillers series.  

Link to Video 

Rainbow Quilt Instructions

I did do the frame a little differently from the photo.  These were just my sketches.  The next row of frames will start looking a little different I promise 😆

This frame is a great layout if you want to have more room for quilting on the corners.  The center frame is definitely smaller and really focuses the eye.  If I was choosing the fillers myself instead of this cursed spinning wheel.... I would have done a more geometric design in the center and an organic design in the corners.  But alas I cannot choose.




I honestly could not make this up if I tried!  TWO teardrop shapes?!?  Well firstly I absolutely LOVE the teardrop spiral, I use it in border designs usually but I really like it as a filler, it's softer like the blunt spiral.  Now the teardrop shape is a little controversial as it looks a lot like Paisley.  I differentiate these two designs because I stitch my Paisley with a little bit of a curve and teardrop with straight sides. 

Let me know what you think in the comments on the video. 


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