Quilting Frames and Fillers - Block 6

2024 block 6 frames and fillers rainbow Jul 10, 2024
Quilting Frames and Fillers - Block 6

Well, summer is in full swing finally here in Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada!  I am without a doubt a summer sun child.  I take every advantage I can to get outside and enjoy the weather while it lasts.  

Here is the link to this week's Video and the instructions for the quilt top I'm working on. 

YouTube Video

Rainbow Quilt Top

The frame for this week is a little more unique, I love it because you could use this frame for photo quilts or even to highlight a particular fabric line or part of a block.  I can also see this block as being fun to ghost quilt and add a feather or something in the center area.  Really this frame is simple but has a lot of symbolism and I can see it being very effective when combined with a little creativity. 

I totally see a lot of potential and I hope I give it a try in some other places on a 'real' quilt one day.  But the nature of this project is random so I can't just add what I want, so in the spirit of practice and fun, I spun the wheel of random fillers....




Spike Swirl is a nice design to use when you want to give your swirls a little attitude.  I also love this design because it stitches fast and is easy to maneuver around.  It can also scale up to cover large areas for an effective edge-to-edge design.

Broken Glass is a design I don't use too often but I really should,  I love the texture you get from this kind of quilting.  The trick to this design is to touch a line and then change direction.  I used this design on an applique quilt that had a large mountain, it made a great texture for the cliffs.  I can also see this working on a panel quilt.  

Well that's it for me this week I hope everyone is enjoying summer (or winter if you're on the other side of the equator!)


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