How I Custom Quilted a Spiral Quilt

2023 custom quilt modern quilting spiral Oct 25, 2023
How I Custom Quilted a Spiral Quilt

Well, this quilt was an interesting one.  This quilt was sent to me by Annie in British Columbia, Canada.  I was very inspired by the Fibonacci shape (the golden spiral).  It reminded me most strongly of a sea shell.  So, I decided to add some water-inspired elements mixed with some geometric designs to give a nod toward the mathematical shape. 

You can watch the full YouTube video here

Before I started quilting this quilt I decided to plan out my designs and get the grids marked so I could space everything out evenly and have a good mixture of designs. 

I love this large piece of plexiglass! I got it from the local glass shop.  I have another smaller one that I use on the machine if I'm having a change of plan, hahaha.  So with the best-laid plans, it is time to get to work!

Everything went relatively smoothly with just a couple of hiccups when I misspaced something.  I really enjoyed quilting this wall-hanging and trying to come up with some fun designs. 

I forgot to film the entirety of the quilting (as it was quite a while ago when I was still learning how to film, sorry. 

In the background, I did these spaced lines with pearl chains because who can resist a pearl chain?!?

I hope you enjoy the video! Here is a photo of the back.  


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