Blocks Series - Modern Feathers - Block 10

2023 block 10 modern feathers Jun 14, 2023
Mondern Feather Quilting Block 10 Title

I have an admission to make, this is my least favourite block.  I have to wonder because, in the Modern Quilting Series, this also was my least favrourite block.  Is it the block?  I don't know.  Anyhow you can find this week's video here:

And the link to the panel information and free piecing quilting pattern here:

The hilarious part is I actually like the scrappy feather version best. 

Maybe it's pink.  I always fight against liking pink, but I am always very attracted to it.  I remember when my first daughter was born how much I suddenly loved everything pink and girly hahaha.   Here is the drawing of the second concept. 

And the final rendition

These two blocks really do look quite a bit different from each other.  I'm not sure if I have talked much about the Pebble Pop quilting filler design.  I really like how it does cause the pebbles to... well, pop!  This defiantly isn't a design I would use on a bed quilt, as it is quite dense.   In my professional quilting, I have been mixing densities a little more than usual.  Just playing with ideas.  That's what it's about, experimenting and being brave.

Happy Quilting.

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