Blocks Series - Modern Feathers - Block 12

2023 block 12 modern feathers Jun 28, 2023
Mondern Feather Quilting Block 12 Title

Last block of the series!  If you have been around for a while it has been a trip these last 24 weeks.  I started with the modern style and then decided to do this modern feather style.  I have some ideas about what to do next but would love to hear from you! If you would like to join the Facebook group that would be fun! Here is a link.

A link to the final video of this series

And the pattern and panel info

I have quilted this block in this style before, here is a photo of my first try. 

I really like this sorta cascading feather from a single point. It almost creates a flower in the center.  The only problem with a quilt design like this is that the thread can build up at the origin point.  But as with the last blocks of this scrappy version, this just didn't scream modern quilting to me. 

So here is the next concept I came up with. 

Even though the motifs aren't very contemporary I am thinking they will work well with the pebble pop quilting filler design and some ruler work quilting. 

I might be a little biased but I think this turned out just fine! I am a little sad to be done with this series, even if I had to quilt two quilts to get here, hahaha.  I hope you join me over on YouTube, it really helps me to keep creating free content by liking, subscribing, and commenting.  Ask me whatever questions you want :) 

Happy Quilting. 



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