Blocks Series - Modern Feathers - Block 3

2023 block 3 modern feathers Apr 26, 2023
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I had a difficult week this week.  I just felt like I took on a little too much.  I think that's why I find so much joy in these blocks.  They aren't complicated, To me they read simple and clean.  Feathers are one of the most flexible designs in the quilting world, you can add a hundred different details to make them suit any quilt really. But beauty can always be found in the most basic true classic bump-back spined feather.  

Here is a link to the YouTube video.

And a link to the Panel and Pattern information.

This is the first block I quilted using feathers on my scrappy version of the quilt. 

I was really struggling with my machine the day I quilted this so that's why the balance isn't quite right in this block... But I still really love the concept and I think I will try it again one day. 

Here is a photo of my concept. 

as you can see the feather motif is different on both sides of the quilt block here, I decided to go with the motif on the left.  The pussy willows were just starting to bloom when I was quilting and I was feeling very inspired by Spring.  So that was my inspiration for the feather motifs. 

And here is the final result! 

I'm absolutely thrilled with this.  I feel like Spring is here to stay! This weekend I am putting a booth together for the West Kootenay Quilt Conference.  This is where all the guilds in the region get together and have a giant show and tell. I am very excited to see all the beautiful creative quilts and people.  I was also lucky enough this past week to attend a quilt show in Oliver, BC.  Those folks sure do know how to put on a great show and experience.  I have never really been in a position to travel to quilt shows and events much but I am really putting in a lot of effort this year to get out there and be in the quilt community.

Happy Quilting!

The machine is an older Handi Quilter Avante with a stitch regulator.

I am using Glide Thread in the colour white. 

The marking pen I use is a Kering blue water-soluble marker (any blue one will do). 

I used my Rocket Ruler by Silly Moon Quilt Co. my BFF from the Quilted Pineapple and my #20 ruler also by the Quilted Pineapple. 

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