Blocks Series - Modern Feathers - Block 8

2023 block 8 modern feathers May 31, 2023
Mondern Feather Quilting Block 8 Title

One ruler to rule them all!  If I had to pick a ruler that I could not live without it would be my Rocket Ruler by Silly Moon Quilt Co.  I did stitch this entire block using only this one ruler.  Here is a link to this week's video.  Thank you so much for watching I am working really hard to build my editing skills.  Please if you haven't yet, drop a comment in the comments section and tell me about your favourite ruler, or another quilting tool that is important to your everyday quilting (my second is my mug warmer).  These comments really keep me moving forward and working hard to bring you this free fun content.

Panel and Free Quilt Pattern Link

Here is the first block I stitched on the pieced scrappy version of this quilt

Although I think the diagonal piano key design is really modern it defiantly fit in better for the Modern Blocks Series. Here is the concept for the retry.

As you can see I was going to try the piano keys again and changed my mind to blunt piano keys. 

I think these really did work better, I think they contrast the dot-to-dot design and complement the soft feathers better. 

Happy Stitching.


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