Block Series - Modern Style - Block 10

block 10 block series modern style Mar 22, 2023
Qulit Block Series Modern Style 10

Well, this block... is my least favourite.  I know! You didn't expect me to say that did you?  Anyhow, here is some real talk, sometimes you lose, sometimes it doesn't work, but we have to move on.  Could I go back and pick this all out and redo it, yeah, but will I? No. I think it was Angela Walters who originally said, "Done is better than perfect" and she is so right. 

Here is a link to the YouTube Video:

Block 10 Modern Style 

And a link to the panel and pattern information:

Pattern and Panel

Here is the concept piece for this block and gosh darn I wish I had listened to myself (lol).

For some reason, I had that little evil voice whispering in my ear "you can do it better than that, just do it a little differently".  I listened and went off the path... Oh crap.  If you watch the video you can tell that I am being a little erratic with how I'm quilting and making things much harder for myself.  I really dislike the piano key with pearl chain, especially when I forgot to add in the dot-to-dot... You have to watch the video to truly appreciate the horror of it all.  Funny how a simple little thing can suddenly not fit in anymore. 

Ah well, time to move on.  Here are some FAQs

The machine is an older Handi Quilter Avante with a stitch regulator.

I am using Glide Thread in the colour white. 

The marking pen I use is a Kering blue water-soluble marker (any blue one will do). 

I used my Rocket Ruler by Silly Moon Quilt Co. and #12 and #8 Curve from the Quilted Pineapple 

Happy quilting!

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