Block Series - Modern Style - Block 5

block 5 block series modern style Feb 15, 2023
Block Series Modern Style Block 5

This was a challenging one. I feel it's important to emphasize the significance of leaving spaces between fillers. Our eyes need visual breaks in complex designs. Initially, I had a pearl chain in the white triangles below the curved dot-to-dot, but it made the design too busy, so I took them out.  I heard a great quote this week "Progress not perfection" -unknown

You can find the YouTube video here:

Block 5 Modern Style 

If you want the pattern or panel the info is here:

Panel and Pattern

I used a 'new to me' ruler on this quilt block.  I used the Quilted Pineapple Flex A.  I like the deeper curve of this ruler but was disappointed with the markings, I really wanted the markings to be that 1/4" like is on the original curved rulers and these have the tapered style marks.  I understand why they are like that but I am seriously jonesing for a tightly curved ruler with 1/4" marks, let me know if you know of one! 

Anyhow here was my concept drawing for this block. 

As I said I struggled a bit with the white triangles, you can see I struggled in the concept too.

You will see me using a ruler to do the matchstick quilting in these videos, I didn't always use a ruler.  I think the first person I saw doing this was Natalia Bonner, and it lit the tiny lightbulb in my head.  You really just can't get those lines so beautifully straight without a ruler I've learned. And with modern quilting it's imperative.

Well, that's it for Block number 5! Here are some quick little details. 

The machine is an older Handi Quilter Avante with a stitch regulator.

I am using Glide Thread in the colour white. 

The marking pen I use is a Kering blue water-soluble marker (any blue one will do). 

Rulers are Rocket by Silly Moon Quilt Co., Quilted Pineapple Flex A, 4" nested circle ruler (discontinued)

I also used my Dude tool, a handy little measuring tool I use a lot for fast marking, it's made by Silly Moon Quilt Co. 

Happy stitching. 



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