Block Series - Modern Style - Block 8

block 8 block series modern style Mar 08, 2023
Block Series Modern Style Block 8

As I have been quilting these blocks trying to stay true to the 'modern style' I just couldn't bring myself to hide the shape of this star.  In many of these blocks, I am making my own shapes and trying to make the quilting the star of the show (yes pun intended).  But here I decided to try and let the star continue to be a star. 

Here is a link to the YouTube Video:

Block 8 Modern Style 

And a link to the panel and pattern information:

Pattern and Panel

Here was the concept behind the start block.

I suppose the only thing I really changed was the diagonal piano key (has anyone noticed a theme here?).  I have actually changed a lot of the planned piano key design details to something else, the reason for this is that it was really hard for me to see around the camera at a good angle to do the best job. 

I'm happy with the outcome and not changing the shape of the actual block too much.  Here are some FAQ's:

The machine is an older Handi Quilter Avante with a stitch regulator.

I am using Glide Thread in the colour white. 

The marking pen I use is a Kering blue water-soluble marker (any blue one will do). 

I used my Rocket Ruler by Silly Moon Quilt Co. and my BFF from the Quilted Pineapple 

Happy Quilting!


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