Quilting a Be Colourful Quilt Top

2024 be colourful custom quilt Jan 03, 2024
Custom Quilting a Be Colourful Quilt Top

I have been quilting for my now friend Julie for quite a while now and she is a fantastic piecer and sent me a Festival Quilt that Jacqueline de Jonge designed, these are not easy patterns to assemble.  They are also not easy quilt tops to design longarm quilting for either!  If you would like to watch the video you can find it here:


I came up with at least 6 different ideas, this is the one that appealed to my sensibilities the most, but I love piano keys and pearl chains (if you've been with me for a while this is pretty obvious...).

But I knew that Julie loves feathers (I mean who doesn't!).  So I drew up some designs with feathers.  Designing is an evolution, it takes me an extremely long time to design.  Some people think it just comes to me, but it doesn't, I spend hours thinking and I always sleep on my ideas too.

I sent these design ideas to Julie and she chose the feather designs.  I decided to combine these two ideas and add some mixed pebbles, as it is a wall hanging a tight density works well. 

Julie is an adventurous quilter and is always up to try fun things.  So I decided to quilt the colourful ombre triangle sections in a rainbow variegated thread.  I also decided not to stitch in the ditch of these triangles.  I don't normally leave these areas unquilted, and I was planning to go in with a clear thread afterward but I liked the texture the unquilted ditches gave the quilt, and how they made the fabric contrast show more. 

The usual fabric used in the borders of these quilts is a little busier and this quilt was the same, when I run into this I try to focus my design attention on the negative space. So I kept the designs in these busier areas a little more simple.  

Minor little note... I lined up the piano keys with the striped border.   

This was a fun quilt and I'm happy to have been able to share it with you.  If you are looking to do some in-person learning with me and a couple of the most talented teachers I know.  Then you can join us in January 2025 on a Caribbean Cruise!  If this sounds like something you might be interested in click on the link!  Prices are in USD. Make sure to use my name at checkout so they know I sent you!




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