Quilting a Modern Baby Quilt

2023 baby quilt custom quilting winnie the pooh quilt Sep 13, 2023
Quilting a Modern Baby Qulit

I didn't have to spend a lot of time planning this quilt as I used my Quilter's Block Checklist to come up with some pretty straightforward simple designs.  Also because this is a baby quilt I didn't want to quilt too densely. I will admit I may have overdone it with the circles... but oh well.  Someone asked if I had any tips on learning how to do consistent circles, and the answer is, unfortunately, no, The only way is to keep practicing, it took me a long time too.   Don't give up!

You can watch the full YouTube Video Here

Quilter's Block Checklist (free download)

But as I was inspecting the quilt I realized that the center of the star was not going to be a place where I was going to be able to stitch.  There were just too many seams coming together.  I did try pounding the seam flat using a large wrench, and I did get it much flatter but alas not enough.  

To deal with this I put about 10 locking stitches in the very center and stitched a circle around the thickest part, which because of my ceaseless planning and my checklist, fit into my quilting plan perfectly, Hahaha. 

I also encountered a notable challenge with the large border and background areas. I didn't want to over-quilt the adorable Winnie the Pooh fabric, so I alternated between my ditch ruler (Rocket, from Silly Moon Quilt Co. - use code CreativeCurve2023 for a 10% discount) and my 12" straight ruler (Quilted Pineapple). Having a longer ruler handy is essential for these long-line applications.

I had a great time quilting this modern baby quilt, especially the double ribbon candy pattern. Even with practice, it takes a moment to get into the groove. Extending the design to the corners can be tricky, but it's worth it.

Thanks, for reading and watching!


Interested in longarm quilting? Online courses? A free checklist to help you get over Quilter's Block? Check out Quilting Curve Studio's Homepage for more content. 


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