Custom Quilting a Bed Quilt

2023 bed quilt custom quilting density Aug 16, 2023
Custom Quiting a Bed Quilt

As a custom quilter, I sometimes have the tendency to over-quilt things.  But most of the quilts that come into my studio are bed quilts (shocker lol).  Not every single quilt needs to be a fantastic show-worthy work of art.  If you want to watch the video you can find the link here:

YouTube Video

I use my Rocket Ruler from Silly Moon Quit Co. and if you want 10% off this ruler use my code: Creativecurve2023

This quilt was tricky because it had some really great negative space but also some modern calico and floral prints. Dare I say it's modern traditional? The fabrics that did sport prints were really busy and I knew that I was going to have a lot of trouble with being able to see my stitch lines. When this is going to happen I always try and keep the lines clean and simple so I don't get lost and my work doesn't go to waste. 

Here is what I started with.

This is why I plan my quilts out so thoroughly, because as I was doodling this I realized this was way too much for this bed quilt. 

Editing oneself takes practice and patience. 

I struggled mostly with the piano key border because of the busy print and my perfectly chosen blended thread, hahaha. You can really see my struggle in the video.  But all in all, I think the density was exactly what we were going for and it turned out awesome.  I also got to quilt this matching little side table topper

I have been thinking about doing a Q&A YouTube video.  If you have a question about custom quilting or want to know anything about me or my journey leave me a comment on the video and I will get a video together if I get enough questions. 

Now let's go stitch! 

Interested in longarm quilting? Online courses? A free checklist to help you get over Quilter's Block? Check out Quilting Curve Studio's Homepage for more content. 


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