Quilting a Puppy Baby Quilt

2023 baby quilt custom quilt freemotion quilting Oct 11, 2023
A dog looking at a puppy baby quilt

Who doesn't love a puppy quilt?  I really enjoyed quilting this for Monette (Kamloops, B.C.).  I'm unsure of the name of this quilt pattern (Patty Whack?), but I know it was published in a magazine, and Monette, enlarged the pattern from a wall hanging to a baby-size quilt.  

YouTube Video Here 

I like to pre-plan and pre-mark my quilts before I mount them so the quilting goes faster and I can edit my ideas down to a cohesive design. 

On this quilt, I knew I wanted to do a large feather on the border that traveled around counterclockwise.  To do this I needed to mark a wavy spine all the way around to keep me on track.  Then I drew some "registration" feathers, I used these registration feathers to join the quilted feather seamlessly at the end.  Once completed the feather along the top edge and continued down the left side of the quilt. I pinned the right side to keep the fabric from shifting as I progressed down the quilt.  I also make sure to stop quilting a 1/2"  away from the edge of the quilt to accommodate binding without cutting off the feather design. 

I chose to do the large blunt spiral because I knew I could stitch it large and it would give a great texture as there is little backtracking and no crossover thread. I balanced this with some ruler quilting in the doghouse and dogbone.  All in all, I think this quilt came out very well!

Monette actually made two of these quilts and for the one that I custom quilted in the video we did full custom and on the second one, we went with a similar but lighter design.  I might post a video on this one in the future. 

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