Custom Quilting a Sparrows Quilt

2023 custom quilting modern sparrow quilt Aug 02, 2023
Custom Quilting the Sparrows Quilt

The Sparrows quilt by Pen + Paper Designs is such a cool pattern! I think it's cute and modern.  You can find the pattern here.

Silvia sent this quilt to me, intending to put it in the local quilt show.  Although it didn't receive first it did net a good and respectable second.  The piecework was impeccable as you can see in the youtube video.

When I was learning feathers I honestly thought I would never actually get there, they seem so simple but really getting the muscle control figured out does take some time.  The most important thing is that it actually is muscle control and practice that will get you to quilting beautiful feathers.  I really wish I could tell you a magic hack to make it easy, but I can't.  My best advice is to plan a whole quilt full of free-motion feathers and keep going until you get it.  Then progress into a single spine feather and just keep practicing and experimenting til you find your grove, which will happen it just might take 3 or 4 quilts. If you don't want to make these quilts grab some donation quilts from your local guild and just keep quilting. 

Once you get the hang of feathers, it's easy to start building on the design and making minor adjustments to really make your feathers unique.  

I used some of my favourite rulers on this quilt and if you would like the Rocket Ruler, Charming Ruler, or the Dude Tool you can get 10% off these tools if you use my code ( I do make a small commission)





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