Stitching a Monster into a Quilt

2023 bed quilt freemotion quilting Nov 22, 2023
Stitching a Monster into a Quilt

I'm not entirely sure what sparked a monster to come into my head when I looked at this quilt.  I think it may have been the contrast of the green and bright purple/pink fabrics.  It could also have been inspired by the maker of this quilt saying that she loves all the weird stuff in the world.  Daphne owns an awesome little store in New Denver, British Columbia, Canada.  You can check out her shop here: Laurel Tree Fabric and Fiber

I did a bit of a different thing where if you want to watch the full version of this video all in real time you can see it here (warning it is two hours long):

2 Hour Video

Here is a link to the 20-minute edited version:

20 Minute Video

I would really appreciate some feedback on whether or not it is worth the time to create the long verson. 

I drew up these sketches, knowing that I wanted to give the quilt a medium density so it would still be comfortable on a couch but still be unique and a little "weird".

The majority of these designs were free-motion and that really suited the quilt well because of all the lineal lines that already existed, I needed to create some movement.  As the design was taking shape I realized the monster had kind of morphed into an Amoeba.... If you don't know what an Amoeba is, it is a unicellular organism with the ability to alter its shape. Amoebas can also cause fatal diseases... so kinda like a monster eh? 

 I did all of the stitching in just these two colours, which made the process go a lot faster than some of my other custom quilts (sometimes I have 10 or more threads picked out, I am my own worst enemy).

Without further adu here are the finished photos. 

I really enjoyed the free-motion quilting that went into this 'Monster' Quilt and even though it doesn't look like a monster to my husband it does to me, hahaha.  Also here is a photo of an amoeba, and the Wiki Link, because there is a lot of information about these little creatures. 



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