Free-motion Swirl Qulit Design VS. Free-motion McTavishing

2023 custom quilting freemotion quilting mctavishing swirls wall hanging Sep 27, 2023
Swirls vs. McTavishing Quilt Designs

Swirls vs. McTavishing: Which Design Suits the Wall Hanging Best?

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I believed that employing free-motion quilting techniques for these wall hangings was the most suitable approach. The appliques possessed such a natural appearance that I wanted to avoid introducing any structured rulerwork quilting that might detract from their organic quality. As I considered the design, I envisioned wind sweeping through a field of wildflowers, carrying seeds and dust along with it.

The overall difference in the look of each quilt is minimal, and ideally, they appear compatible enough to hang side by side, as I suspect was the intention. By merely changing the main design element, I gave each piece a unique touch while still keeping them connected.


To create this style of design on a quilt, I always start with the distinctive element—in this case, either the swirls or the McTavish pattern. Then, I incorporate a filler design (in this case, the pebble pop pattern for both).

McTavish w/peapods

I think the combination of these quilt designs worked really well and I am so happy Monette chose me to quilt them for her.  Happy Quilting! 


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