Wine Glass Quilt

2024 ghost quilting modern quilting wine Jan 17, 2024
Can you mix wine with quilting?

So, let's be honest, mixing wine and quilting doesn't always end well!  It doesn't always end poorly either, hahaha, when I got my first longarm it took a glass or two to build up the courage to get stitching.

If you want to jump right to the YouTube video you can find it here:

Wine Glass Quilt Video

My friend Brenda passed away from cancer in 2022, she was the person who encouraged me to purchase my first longarm.  She believed in my creativity and pushed me every chance she got!  Brenda was a philanthropist and a lover of fun, adventure, and wine.  Thank you Brenda for being such a great inspiration and mentor 💔

Kathy was one of Brenda's friends who received some of her vast stash and WIPs.  It took me a long time to think up something that would help embody some of Brenda's spirit.  I remember her always making sure my wine glass was never empty.  Wine is a complex and beautiful beverage best shared with friends and family, so I lead with that. 


I drew up this wine glass after searching for inspiration on Google, I searched "line drawing wine glass" and eventually came across a drawing that looked a little like this. I centered the glass in the negative spaces.  

I like how I made the liquid look like it's swishing about inside of the glass.  Kathy didn't want the quilting to be too dense so I planned to do a modern kinda motif around the glass with nothing too complicated.  But I did have the moon phases in mind, thinking about the waxing a waning of our lives... so I did this moon-inspired motif. 

It took me quite a while to come up with something that would work but I am really happy about the ghost quilted wine glasses and the overall look of this quilt. Kathy was pleased too, and I'm sure Brenda is having a little chuckle with her heavenly glass right now. 

I quilted this quilt during the warmer months, but my studio is well-insulated with a cold concrete floor under the laminate.  So I thought I would share an actual photo of what I wore most of the time I was quilting. 🤣🤣🤣 No I wasn't drinking wine, this is a pretty standard quilting outfit hahaha. 

Thank you Kathy for letting me quilt this quilt for you to remember our friend 🥰


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